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Hartin Dynamics works with industry leaders, ones that help us to navigate the complexities of employee benefits with ease. Our partners help us to build a stronger program for our clients, backed by award-winning expertise and national recognition.

We are proud to operate as a division of the Peel & Holland family of agencies. Their 94 years history of integrity, value and innovation brings our clients a foundation of expertise unlike any other in the nation. From leadership, industry expertise and community support, we are honored to be affiliated with an organization of their caliber.


Through Benefit Advisors Network (BAN), Hartin Dynamics is able to better control your health care costs, stay on top of regulatory changes, and design industry-specific benefit plans.

As a member of Keystone Insurers Group (KIG), Hartin Dynamics attains equal status with larger agencies, yet remain completely independent to deliver clients the personal service that is a cornerstone of our business.