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Industry Conferences

We are proud of be part of such an exciting industry and are always looking for ways to learn from those on the forefront of Employee Benefits. As part of the Tampa Bay community, you'll find us involved in local associations and charitable events throughout our area. 

Upcoming Events

BenefitsPRO Broker Expo 2019
April 2-4, 2019

Hyatt Regency Miami

Miami, FL

Filtering Out the Noise 

Wednesday, April 3 |  2:45 PM

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Eric Silverman - Voluntary Disruption
Ben Conner - Conner Insurance
Marcy Heath - InoVentive Solutions
James Blachek - The Benefits Group, LLC
Dennis Hartin - Hartin Dynamics


How can brokers filter out all the noise and make the best decisions for their clients? As more companies rely on brokers to help them choose vendors, it’s ultimately the advisor who becomes responsible for the companies and products that are recommended and their long-term impact on the client. This session will provide advice from real life brokers. How do top brokers filter out all the noise and find the solutions that will truly help their clients? What questions should brokers ask vendors to keep them accountable?

Recent Events

Florida Association of Health Underwriters (FAHU)
Educational Symposium & Expo

September 12 - 14, 2018

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

The Truth about Wellness 

Wednesday, Sept 12  |  1:30 PM

Dennis Hartin, Hartin Dynamics

Adrianne Gleeson, Peel & Holland Insurance

HR Tampa Conference & Expo

October 12, 2018

USF Marshall Student Center

Tampa, FL

"Taking Care of Business"