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Benefits to Protect What Matters Most

Your employees and their families are your greatest asset. We’ll help you offer an employee benefits plans that enables employees to understand and control their financial and insurance matters. Together, our team and yours will structure a plan focused on cost savings, efficient administration, employee satisfaction and wellness.

At Hartin Dynamics, we go beyond the traditional broker transaction to help drive cost containment while ensuring your employee benefits plan remains competitive. We will find ways to leverage your spend so you can attract and retain your most valuable asset - your workforce.

When it comes to funding options, we are here to guide that decision as well. Whether you offer a plan that's fully insured, self-funded, or level funded . . . we can do it all. 

We're ready to talk when you are.

Our Common Sense Approach

Given the dynamic nature of the economic and political environments we work in, finding an insurance advisor with the right level of expertise is essential to managing your corporate benefit initiatives. Hartin Dynamics not only has the expertise you need on your side, but also is backed by a network of credibility. Our team of experts have the experience to navigate the complexities of insurance with sound advice and resources that allow up to approach difficult issues with common sense. 

Most importantly, we don't work for the insurance carriers - we work for you, our client. Doesn't that make sense?

Risk Assessment

Let's face it, when it comes to insurance, there are risks to consider. We promise to go beyond the busy work of insurance placement and administration to address the risks you face. It's our job to guide you toward control, by taking a proactive look. The Hartin Dynamics team will work directly with your leadership to implement plans designed to eliminate, reduce, transfer or appropriately assume risks.

Benefit Plans Offerings