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Advisory Services

Offering your employees strong benefits is the best way to protect them and show them how much you are invested in their well-being. But it has to make sense for your business too. By using industry-leading tools, technology and expertise, Hartin Dynamics can deliver cost-effective programs for our employee benefits customers.

We are here to listen, explore new options and help you to select the best employee benefits based on your company's criteria. 

A Holistic Suite of Services


Understanding how your employee benefits plan compares to others in your industry allows you to identify opportunities for improvement. We use insights from benchmarking to guide your choices, and even uncover ways to differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace.

Care Transparency

Employees need transparency to better understand their healthcare costs. At the same time, both employers and employees can make more informed, value-based decisions about care.

Compliance Services

Our goals is to empower you with everything you need to comply with Human Resources requirements. We also focus on effective means of communicating critical information to employees, while still meeting your core business goals.

Employee Engagement

Companies with highly engaged employees report 2x revenue growth over 3 years, compared with companies whose employees engage at an average level. Hartin Dynamics helps clients to align benefit spend with initiatives to drive overall engagement.

Health Data Analytics

Hartin Dynamics walks clients through the process of examining various healthcare data in order to determine how clinical care can be improved, while limiting excessive expense.

Human Capital Management

We guide clients on the technology options for human resource management. Tools can include workforce planning, labor management, regulatory tracking, payroll integration and a variety of compliance reporting applications. 

Employee Wellbeing

Wellness programs are designed to assist employees with healthy choices. In turn, employers report increased productivity, less stressful environments and an overall boost in morale.